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Chronic diseases, or noncommunicable diseases, are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide.

According to the World Economic Forum, the cost of treating the five leading chronic diseases — cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease, and respiratory disease — could reach $47 trillion over the next 15 years.

Poor nutrition, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol use, drug abuse, environmental risks, and other factors put millions of Americans at risk of contracting an entirely or partially preventable disease.

You don’t have to be “just another statistic!”

At Advance Family & Sports Medicine, we Practice Personalized Healthcare

Advance Family & Sports Medicine Preventative Care

What Preventive Care Does

  • Decreases trial-and-error medicine that can delay or impede recovery
  • Identifies a potential increased risk of suffering from a specific disease and creates opportunities for preventive measures to be taken, such as weight loss, behavior modification, exercise, and more.

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Advance Family Medicine Services

For Every Stage of Life

  • Annual Physical Exams: Annual physicals should be an essential part of your health care routine. Together we’ll review your medical history, then conduct a thorough physical exam to check for any potential health problems.
  • Child Wellness Checks: Our family practice is here to make sure your entire family is healthy. Start your child’s healthy lifestyle early so they can develop lifelong habits that will help them thrive.
  • Personalized Weight Loss Assistance: No two people are alike, so why should your weight loss plan be? We take a medical approach to your weight loss, targeting the root of your challenges and providing you with personalized options to help you reach your goals. Click here to learn more.
  • Preventative Screenings: Regular screenings and checkups allow us to catch and treat potential problems before becoming chronic. We take the time to really get to know you so we can provide useful insights and recommendations regarding your health.
  • Women’s Healthcare: Take control of your health with regular screenings. Our gynecology services including pap smears and annual pelvic exams.
  • Vaccinations/Immunizations: Immunizations are key factors for contracting and preventing the spread of dangerous viruses and diseases. We can help you plan your family’s vaccination schedule for every stage of life.
Advance Family & Sports Medicine for all Life Stage
Advance Family & Sports Medicine for all Life Stage
Advance Family & Sports Medicine Immunizations

Advance Your Healthcare.

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Immunizations Recommended in the First 18 Months Include:

  • Hepatitis
  • Diphtheria
  • Pertussis
    (whooping cough)
  • Tetanus
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Polio
  • Immunizations for Rotavirus, Flu, Chickenpox, and Pneumococcus are also recommended.

Immunizations & Booster Recommendation for Every Stage of Life

When it’s time to start kindergarten, children also get what are referred to as “booster” shots. These immunizations are designed to enhance those that a child received while in infancy. Again, these include vaccines for polio, measles, chickenpox, and other highly contagious and serious diseases.

As kids move into junior high, junior high, the second series of booster shots are recommended. In addition, both girls and boys are encouraged to receive immunization against HPV — the human papillomavirus connected to the cervical, neck, and other cancers. We also encourage parents to vaccinate their children against meningitis beginning in this age group. A booster in high school can then follow.

One thing that many people may not consider is the need for vaccinations as adults, including:

  • Specific vaccinations are necessary to travel to certain countries.
  • Tetanus shots at least every ten years, along with other health-protecting boosters.

In the last several years, vaccinations have been introduced to help those over 50 prevent shingles, a painful rash caused by a viral infection. Pneumonia vaccinations are recommended for everyone after age 65 and for younger people with chronic lung diseases like asthma, those who smoke, and others who have additional chronic medical issues.

Advance Family & Sports Medicine Care Providers

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  • Fellowship in Sports Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Founded Advance Family & Sports Medicine in 2010
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